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Exclusive VIP Program

Here at Casiny, we understand that one size does not fit all! That's why our exclusive VIP program has been meticulously designed to reward YOUR loyalty with exceptional benefits and tailor-made solutions. With our tiered system and premium VIP hosts, we guarantee you'll enjoy an unparalleled gambling experience.
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Lifetime Wager0 xp
Free Spins-
Cashback Wager-
Cash Reward-
Bonus Bet Cap-
Level 1
Lifetime Wager5,000 xp
Free Spins150 FS
Cashback Wager-
Cash Reward-
Bonus Bet Cap10
Level 2
Lifetime Wager20,000 xp
Free Spins500 FS
Cashback2.5 %
Cashback Wager5x
Cash Reward-
Bonus Bet Cap20
Level 3
Lifetime Wager50,000 xp
Free Spins750 FS
Cashback5 %
Cashback Wager5x
Cash Reward-
Bonus Bet Cap20
Level 4
Lifetime Wager100,000 xp
Free Spins1000 FS
Cashback7.5 %
Cashback Wager5x
Cash Reward-
Bonus Bet Cap50
Level 5
Lifetime Wager250,000 xp
Free Spins100 FS
Cashback10 %
Cashback Wager5x
Cash Reward$500
Bonus Bet Cap50
Level 6
Lifetime Wager500,000 xp
Free Spins200 FS
Cashback12.5 %
Cashback Wager5x
Cash Reward$1,000
Bonus Bet CapUnlimited
Level 7
Lifetime Wager750,000 xp
Free Spins400 FS
Cashback15 %
Cashback Wager3x
Cash Reward$2,500
Bonus Bet CapUnlimited
Level 8
Lifetime Wager2,500,000 xp
Free Spins500 FS
Cashback17.5 %
Cashback Wager3x
Cash Reward$5,000
Bonus Bet CapUnlimited
Level 9
Lifetime Wager5,000,000 xp
Free Spins1,000 FS
Cashback20 %
Cashback Wager0x
Cash Reward$10,000
Bonus Bet CapUnlimited
Level 10
Lifetime Wager10,000,000 xp
Free Spins2,000 FS
Cashback25 %
Cashback Wager0x
Cash Reward$25,000
Bonus Bet CapUnlimited

How does it work?

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Register & create an account with Casiny.
Wager, Win & Play!
Simply wager, win and play on your favourite games.
Level up & get rewarded!
Get more bang for your buck! As you climb the ranks get access to premium rewards!

Additional VIP Benefits

Being a member of the VIP club means that you have access to:

  • Personal VIP host
  • Exclusive competitions & raffles
  • Higher cashback rewards
  • Weekly and Monthly bonuses
  • Exclusive invitations to events


  • All XP points are based on real money bets placed for example: 5000 xp = $5,000 bets placed.
  • XP Wagering shall be done in respective currency of the player and equivalent.
  • Cash Rewards are automatically & immediately awarded upon level up.
  • Bonus Bet Cap means that when receiving a bonus the player will only be able to place a maximum bonus bet size.
  • If a player deposits in a currency different from EUR, the award will be issued in the player's currency.

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